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Joey's Greyhound Friends of Ohio are the Northern Friends and Partners of Joey's Greyhound Friends, Inc. in Florida, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving and responsible homes for greyhounds who are lucky enough to enter the adoption community after their racing career is over. We also promote public awareness about the plight of the racing greyhounds, find homes for retired racing greyhounds, and provide support in many different ways.

Joey's Greyhound Friends of Ohio takes a neutral stand on greyhound racing.

Joey's Greyhound Friends pledges to all greyhounds that no matter how old, how sick, what color, what sex or from where he/she came from, a greyhound in need is a greyhound we want to help.

Joey's is an all volunteer organization. Our volunteers are experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable. Many of us have been working with and placing Greyhounds for over ten years. Our goal is to find the right Greyhound for you. We want our adoptions to last forever!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about adopting a retired Greyhound and we will be very happy to help.

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The Volunteers of Joey's Greyhound Friends of Ohio

Adoption in 1971
adoption 1971
Art on a Nebraska Ranch with very first adopted Greyhound - one of many


Adoption 2007
adoption 2007
Art Adopted Marcos & Hopper in March of 2007

Joey's Greyhound Friends, Inc. of Southwest Florida
Joey's Greyhound Friends Inc. located in southwest Florida was initially founded to rescue retired greyhounds whose racing career ended at the Naples/Ft. Myers, Florida racetrack. There are currently twelve racing kennels at this racetrack with a large number of greyhounds in need of loving and responsible homes. This ever present need keeps Brigitte and the wonderful volunteers of Joey's Greyhound Friends in Florida working diligently and tirelessly in organizing pet runs and adoption hauls to reputable out-of-state organizations, as well as finding caring families to adopt locally.

Please visit their website and enjoy reading about these magnificent greyhounds that captivated the hearts of kings and noblemen, just as we hope they will captivate your heart as well. Please visit: www.joeysgreyhoundfriends.org.
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