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Joey's Greyhound Friends always needs volunteers to help spread the word about how Greyhounds make greyt pets! Whether you have a greyhound from another group or if you just want to help out, we can always use assistance. Help with special events, fostering, transporting, or fundraising are just a few of the areas. Please contact us if you you are interested in volunteering. Just a couple hours a month does a difference! We need you!

Fostering A Greyhound

Do you want a companion for your greyhound, but not sure if you want to adopt a second greyhound on a permanent basis? Is the time right to foster a greyhound now that your greyhound has settled in? Or, do you just want to help a greyhound find his forever couch. Or maybe you would like to foster a senior greyhound. Our foster families are very important to us. Fostering one greyhound a year will save lives.

Fostering 101

We frequently hear from potential foster families, "I am afraid that I will get too attached to a foster greyhound and not be able to give him or her up." While it can be very difficult and an emotional time when the big adoption day arrives, remember that if you adopt, you can save one, but if you foster a greyhound(s), you can save many more. Our foster families are the backbone of our group. We can only take in as many greyhounds as we have foster homes. Fostering a new greyhound has great rewards and is an unforgettable experience. You will have truly made a difference to a deserving greyhound.

We provide food, heartworm, flea preventative, and a crate if you do not have one.

You provide love and attention, a few toys, and a soft bed.

When you get your new foster, you will introduce him or her to glass sliding doors, windows, hardwood floors, household noise, car rides, and stairs. The majority of greyhounds have never had to walk up or down stairs and some find them challenging and frightening. Most of them are easily able to learn how to walk up and down carpeted stairs.

If you have an older greyhound and are hesitant to bring in a younger greyhound into your house, please consider fostering a senior greyhound. There are many older greyhound waiting for adoption groups. There are no adequate words to express the joys of fostering a senior greyhound.

If you would like to help prepare a greyhound for its new forever home, we would love to talk to you about the joys and greyt rewards of fostering! If you can only foster one greyhound once a year, it would be a big difference.

Please contact Suzanne at (513) 742-9452 []. You may also fill out an application on line and note on the application that you would like to foster. Someone will contact you to schedule a home visit.

If you submit an application to adopt or foster a greyhound and do not receive a phone call from a Joey’s Greyhound representative within two days, please call us as sometimes technology does fail. Thank You!

Thank you from the Volunteers of Joey's Greyhound Friends of Ohio

A Special Note:
Fostering is extremely rewarding. The hardest part of fostering a Greyhound is having it leave to go to a permanent home, even if you know your foster child is going to a carefully screened adopter who has met all requirements for adopting a greyhound. ound, having your foster leave is an emotional experience. When you foster leaves for his forever home, it will be most likely be the saddest and happiest day of your fostering experience. The best day is probably the day the new foster arrives. So you see, the happy days outweigh that sad day. Many Greyhounds would not come off the tracks and enter adoption programs if it were not for foster families. Foster families are the true animal rescuers.

Most foster homes do not think of themselves as heroes, but they truly are. Foster families are the backbone, heart and soul of Joey’s Greyhound Friends!!! If everyone fostered only once a year, think of all the wonderful greyhounds that could be saved.
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...for Joey’s Greyhound Friends. Thank You!

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If you submit an application to adopt or foster a greyhound and do not receive a phone call from a Joey’s Greyhound representative within two days, please call us as sometimes technology does fail. Thank You!

I walked into the shelter, the Greyhound greeted me. I knew that he deserved a chance. The hope in his eyes I could plainly see. They said, "Tell me why you bother, Why you waste your time this way. He is only one of thousands, Does it matter anyway?"

And I said, "It matters to this one. He deserves a chance to grow. It matters to this one. I can't save them all I know. But it matters to this one. I'll help him be what he can be. It matters to this one, and it matters to be."