Memorial Day Freedom Flight - May 28, 2010

The flight of the blonds (plus Uranus and Mike)
A report from Janine, one of the pilots.

Hello, Everyone!!

Another wonderful group of greyhounds are now in the loving hands of Suzanne, Jane, Michael and the crew in Ohio! Special, special thanks to Brigitte, and all the crew in Florida for making this possible!

First, Uranus and Apple Pie hopped a ride to the airport to meet Apple Pie's mom- Mama Running board- in Sarasota. After reunion of mom and daughter,
Mamorial Day Freedom Flight

all three flew and landed in northern Florida,
Memorial Day Freedom Flight

where Uranus will await his new family. Since there were thus some empty seats on the plane, Mama Sahara and Coin hopped on while Mama Running board and Apple Pie continued, determined to see what being a Buckeye means.

After looking at all 4 gals (all fawn in color), then at me- Mike declared this to be the flight of the blonds!!!

We initially allowed all 4 gals to choose their own seats on the flight. But when Apple Pie decided to sit ON TOP of another passenger,
Memorial Day Freedom Flight

we had to insist on assigned seats!! Mama Running board decided to laugh it up with Mama Sahara on the way, and then Mama Running board flew the plane herself for a while.
Memorial Day Freedom Flight

We all touched down in Cincinnati, where a wonderful group of loving folks welcomed us into their arms to start a new wonderful life!!!!!!-

Four beautiful blond girls girls, including Mama Running board, who spent her first couple of weeks in our home, and permanently in our hearts!

Looking forward to many more!!!


Some more photos...

Memory Day Freedom Flight
Memory Day Freedom Flight
Memory Day Freedom Flight
Memory Day Freedom Flight