Memorial Day Freedom Flight - May 28, 2011

A special thanks to all who have made our freedom possible.

Hello, Everyone!

My name is Kayleen, and I am a white greyhound. This has been a very special weekend for me and a couple of my friends. This past Friday morning, the very nice man who feeds us and cares for us at the track got us up and told us to get ready. We were leaving to retire. None of us knew what that meant, but it sounded exciting.

My girlfriend Toni (black with white feet and chest) and boyfriend Poppy (fawn) all got hugs and kisses and rubs while we packed our things and put on our collars. I think Poppy put on too much hair gel, because his ears kept popping up and his tail kept curling.

Anyhow, two wonderful people- Brigitte and Ken- came and picked us up, and our adventure started. Toni wanted to be petted, Poppy was bouncing with excitement.

Brigitte and Ken were telling us about good things to come. We got to the airport and onto an airplane just for us.

Up, up, up we went- 2 miles into the sky! We all had a fantastic flight.

I was a bit nervous, so I stayed in the back and rested. I found Poppy's butt to be very comfortable to sleep on at times. Poppy and Toni were very energetic between naps.

Have you ever played the shell game?

Well, regardless of which seat and seatbelt Mike put Poppy and Toni, they kept shuffling around and switching sides to see what was happening. It didn't matter- Mike and Janine could always tell them apart anyhow. They must have learned that in flight training.

We landed in Cincinnati and were met by two fantastic people- Dale and Norm. They welcomed us with open arms. Tonight, I am staying with my foster family, and Poppy and Toni are staying with Suzanne.

Soft beds, bones, and toys- we love retirement!

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible!!

Janine & Mike