A Long Journey to Retirement

Angel, Melody & Carson's Tale

Angel and Melody left a greyhound farm in Live Oak, Florida on September 6, 2008 and joined Carson from Fort Myers, FL to begin the very long journey to Cincinnati, Ohio.

The greys were transported to Knoxville, TN with the help of Bryan, Toni, Linda, and Ali.

Beverly in Knoxville kept them overnight.

Foster Home in Fort Myers, Florida


Overnighting in Gainesville - Making New Friends!
Carson's Point of View: I love a good slumber party - the more sleep the better...yawn

Ali picked up Angel, Melody and Carson in Knoxville and met Duncan the pilot at the airport on September 7, 2008.

Waiting patiently at the airport in Knoxville. Hope I make it through security with my collar ID ….Do you think I might be over the weight limit. They tell me I am getting ready to fly, and that I will be meeting my new family, but I am not sure what they mean…fly how? What do they mean? I thought I flew around that old track. I had wings didn’t I….

Melody being loaded into the plane Carson being loaded into the plane looking not quite sure about this strange looking "van." Hey, wait, is this safe?


Melody being loaded into the plane

Getting Ready to Go!



Carson, Angel and Melody on the plane. Pass the peanuts....a little water please! We need a little service here, please.....

Duncan reported that all three greyhounds did just super. He said Angel watched them land and liked looking out the window. Duncan and his friend volunteered to fly these three lucky greyhounds to Cincinnati. He volunteers with the Pilots N Paws Program, www.pilotsnpaws.org.

Carson's new family met Carson at the Blue Ash Airport. The two senior broodies went to their foster homes. It was wonderful to see the plane finally arrive from Tennessee. A big thanks to the pilot and his friend!!!

One week after Angel arrived in Cincinnati, she fractured her rear leg in three places - the day after the windstorm hit Ohio causing damage and leaving 90,000 of Duke Energy's customer in the dark. Most vet offices were not open. Thankfully, I was able to reach Dr. Couto at OSU and Angel was transported to OSU the next morning. Dr. Dyce repaired her leg two days later. The surgery was very complicated and she now has a 10-inch plate in her leg for the next few months. Dr. Dyce did an excellent job and My Angel has a second chance at a new life. My Angel lives up to her name and has remained very sweet and cheerful throughout her ordeal. Dr. Couto said she is just a fabulous greyhound. OSU said the extra large plates was needed to shore up the new fractures and also the old fracture that probably happened while she was racing and never repaired. Angel was then used for breeding for a couple years. The old fracture did not heal properly and the bones were not aligned correctly causing the second break. This girl has been through a lot in her 7 1/2 years, but is now being well cared for and in loving hands.

My Angel at Ohio State University giving a kiss to one of the vet students

NOTE: A very special THANK YOU to the Greyhound Protection League for helping out with Angel's medical costs. There do not seem to be many organizations at this time geared towards helping broken leg dogs from the farms. Most greyhound organizations only donate funds to dogs breaking their legs on the tracks.

Miss Melody Says Thanks to Everyone! I love Ohio!

Pictures contributed by Ali, Rita and Duncan