Freedom Flight September 24, 2010

Let me introduce you to 3 beautiful women I met this weekend.

Olympia (white collar and white chest) is a young gal who was a speedster on the track, just leaving the other greyhounds in the dust. Unfortunately, one day while chasing a rabbit, a squirrel caught her eye. She turned and darted quickly, colliding with a tree that severely damaged her shoulder and ended her racing career. Although her shoulder may slow her physically down, no one can slow her enthusiasm- she jumps, and wags, and dances. Her eyes shine so brightly. Her smile melts your heart.

Texas Tea (dark brindle) ran and ran- until she couldn't keep in front of the pack. Fortunately, her trainer called a friend and connected her lifeline to Brigitte. So off the Miami track and to Ft. Myers she came. She had never lived with a family before, but you would never know. She will come right up to you and hug you.

Mama Shaker (brown brindle) had been just like her name says- first moving and shaking on the race track. She did so well that after racing, she had many male suitors. After many litters of puppies, she is now looking for a life of leisure and quiet- preferably house sitting and holding a couch down.

Well, Suz in Cincinnati was looking for a few good women. So, Brigitte arranged for the meeting. She and Jeannine drove Texas Tea up to Sarasota. Or, well, I think Texas Tea drove Jeannine and Brigitte up to Sarasota. Texas Tea then hoped a ride on the plane to the greyhound farm where we picked up Olympia and Mama Shaker. Mike and I thought for sure we'd have at least one pilot in this group. But, no. These gals are so well mannered. Texas Tea left the flying to us and slept. After all, she had already driven Brigitte and Jeannine to Sarasota and was tired. Olympia was always the first in line to get on and off the plane. But she stayed in her seat and was quiet the whole trip.

Mama wasn't sure what was happening. She was a bit nervous about flying at first, but then she relaxed. But she always kept checking on everyone. I could almost hear her say.......Olympia, do you have your seat belt on? Texas, are you warm enough? Janine and Mike, are you flying under the speed limit? Are you doing what air traffic control tells you? Did you wash behind your ears this morning? Are you wearing clean underwear? About an hour before landing in Cincinnati, all 3 girls took a nap. They were so happy to see everyone in Cincinnati! It was hugs and face washes for everyone! Somehow they know good things are happening! Three wonderful women- headed for a new, wonderful life!


Janine and Mike