Labor Day Freedom FlightRide - September 6, 2010

For Labor Day 2010 another fun and successful greyhound journey was put together!

It all started when Brigitte and Ken brought the Couch Potato Express and little Ms. Annie up to Bradenton. Our greyhound, Sidney, said hello and thank you to Brigitte for getting him to Florida last year. And Sidney thanked Ken, who took good care of him until he officially became part of our family.

Annie met Marion, who wanted to adopt her, but Annie was spoken for. So little Annie got back in the van, and off we went to the farm. On the drive up, Annie was the queen of the van! On the farm, a very sweet girl named Zabrina joined Annie. The rest of the van was filled with 6 strapping young men- Phantom (black), In the Red (white and fawn), Sneaker (brindle), Jack BNimble (fawn), Hard Rock (fawn), and Fly Boy (fawn).

The girls had their own section in the back of the van- which was a good thing, as the guys went around flexing their muscles, grunting, and showing their handsome bodies for a while. They all were excited- eyes wide open, looking around the van, and at every truck and car that drove by. I'm sure they wondered what was happening. We kept telling them that good things are an the way. Sneaker lived up to his name- often trying to sneak into the front to help drive, and even tried to sneak in the back with the girls once.

About half way to Cincinnati, we stopped for a walk. The boys were so energetic, that we decided to walk them first. Mike took two at a time while I stayed in the van. The first two out were Phantom and a fawn boy. Well......did I ever catch the devil for that!!!! The girls, Zabrina and Annie, saw the two boys go out, and they loudly announced that it is supposed to be ladies first!! I tried to tell them that there was probably a line at the girls bathroom anyway, so the boys should go ahead. I don't think I can translate greyhound words exactly, but there was NO DOUBT they didn't agree with me. Mike brought Phantom and the fawn back, and took Sneaker (brindle) and In the Red (white with spots) out. About that time, the boys shuffled around the van. Have you ever played the shell game? Well.....3 big fawn boys..... moving around the back of the van.....which one had already been out???? I asked the boys, but none of them spoke up. All Mike could do was laugh at me- and take all the fawn boys out again!

We stopped in Lexington and dropped off Phantom with his wonderful rescue group. Then on to Cincinnati. We arrived at Suzanne's house, where the big boys took over Suzanne's back yard, and the girls the front yard. You could feel the excitement of the greyhounds- now with a new start in life!!

Thank you, everyone! Looking forward for more to come!

Janine and Mike

Some photos...

freedom ride sept 6,2010
freedom ride sept 6,2010
freedom ride sept 6,2010