Freedom FlightRide - September 9, 2011

Hello Again, Everyone!

Have you ever met someone, and you are sure you've seen them before? Do you believe the theory that we are all related within 6 degrees of separation?

Well, please let me introduce you to some new friends, and you decide........early this past Friday morning, Angie and Howard met us at the farm with three beautiful women and one handsome man. Off we headed- up I-75 to see Suzanne. Of course to get there, someone must drive. Barb (fawn) and Mike discussed who would be the captain. Mike claims it was him, but look at the first picture, and decide for yourself who was really in charge........If you ask me, Barb must be closely related to another sweet gal who always kept checking the airplane instruments and kept Mike flying straight.

In the next picture, the tall, handsome black man (Mischief) is taking a rest. That was AFTER he lived up to his name- sniffing every inch of the van, seeing what was going on, what could be opened, eaten, etc.- all the while having an adorable "who, me?" smile. He looked and acted so much like another handsome black man from a prior trip that I accidentally called him Black Night. Turns out that Black Night is Mischief's brother.

The next picture is of the beautiful brindle girl (Brandy). Those stripes could not hide her gorgeous, lovely personality. She curled up so peacefully, asleep on a comforter. Suddenly, there was a sharp turn in the road. Mike (or was it Barb???) turned the van sharply- Brandy went on to her back- feet in the air, legs flailing around like a turtle flipped over on her shell, trying to run. Mischief helped right her back up. (You don't think he had anything to do with you?).

And in the fifth picture is the second fawn gal. The name on her collar was so faded that I could not read it until the sun was fully up. She is so loving, so kind, so angelic that until I knew her real name, I called her Angel- not realizing until later that our sweet gal (whose real name is Sour Apple) had a sister who flew with us before- this sister, Apple Pie, truly is an angel now. Coincidence? Or are we all no more than "Six Degrees of Separation"?

Mike and Janine

Some more photos...