Age: 6 years
Sex: male
Color: black and white
Weight: 72 pounds
Cats: no
Small dogs: yes
Kid Friendly: yes
Origin: Shelter, Central Ohio
Location: Foster home


Reggie is about 90% greyhound and 10% Pointer. He is a very handsome guy - just look at that face. He loves to cuddle up with you too. Reggie is a rehome as his owner was unable to care for him any longer. He shared his home with Trever who was also returned, and a Chihuahua. This boy is absolutely gorgeous, laid back, good-natured, friendly, sweet, and gets along extremely well with kids and other dogs. He loves to be around people and is very fond of soft beds. He likes to look in the mirror – he knows he is gorgeous! Reggie will be an excellent companion for walking or jogging or just hanging out and watching TV. He would do best with another canine companion and a fenced in yard. Update: Reggie is attending obedience classes twice a week and is currently at Level Two. He is enjoying the classes and learning fast. Reggie would do best with a laid back male or female. He is very fond of the King Charles Spaniel in one of his classes.

Update: Reggie is now in Level Four training and should be taking his Good Canine Obedience Test very soon. The trainer said Reggie would be an excellent therapy dog. Favorite Hobbies: Roaching on his bed, chewing his rawhide, and going to training classes at the park. He LOVES everyone he meets and would make a very loyal companion to some lucky human.

Adoptable Retired Racing Greyhound: Roscoe