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There are a number of excellent books on greyhound adoption. We strongly recommend that you read one book on adoption. You may be able to find one of the following books at your local library. If you have young children, we strongly recommend that you read Childproofing Your Dog, by Brian Kilcommons – A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children in Your Life.


Adopting the Racing Greyhound

Adopting the Racing Greyhound (Revised Edition)
2nd Edition. Written by Cynthia Branigan, published by Howell Book House, Macmillan Publishing Company

This revised and updated edition has information on homing the ex-racer and tells prospective adopters everything they need to know to make adoption a success. It has contains practical information on care, feeding, and behavior. This is a wonderful book if you are thinking about adopting a retired Greyhound.

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Cesars way

Cesar's Way : The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems (Hardcover)

In this definitive and accessible guide, Cesar Millan—star of National Geographic Channel's hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan —reveals what dogs truly need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Child proofing your dog

Child-Proofing your Dog
A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children in Your Life
By Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, published by Warner Books

Please read if you have young children and are thinking about adopting a Greyhound. Master dog trainer and author of Good Owners, Great Dogs, Brian Kilcommons demonstrates to readers how to encourage children and dogs to be perfect companions.

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Guide to Adopting an Ex-Racing Greyhound

Guide to Adopting an Ex-Racing Greyhound
By Carolyn Raeke, Paperback, Published by Tfh Publications [ISBN: 0793818877], December 1997

The Greyhound

The Greyhound
An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
Daniel Braun Stern, published by Howell Book House

The Greyhound: An owner's guide to a happy healthy pet by Daniel Braun Stern. Contains information on: history, feeding, grooming, housing, health care, what to expect from the pet, and basic training. With an emphasis on making the pet a companion. Happy, Healthy Pet guides are rich with professional quality color photos and are designed to be enjoyable and easy to learn from. Most new Greyhound owners will be acquiring an ex-racer as a pet, so Daniel Stern, an activist for the cause of Greyhound adoptions is perfect to write this straightforward guide covering all aspects of their care.

See Stormy Run

See Stormy Run
Stormy, a super-fast Greyhound, has won race after race on the track. But now he is past his prime. So what will become of him? Can he ever find a home? More important, can he ever find a human being to love and be loved by?

Here Stormy tells his exciting story in his own words for readers of all ages.

The book also opens up the tragic world of Greyhound racing. It reveals the plight of splendid, healthy dogs condemned to death when their running days are over. And it tells of the wonderfully generous human beings who work so hard to rescue them.

Boyd Wright, the author, is a retired newspaper editor who has written four books and numerous articles and fiction short stories for national magazines. He lives in Mendham, New Jersey, with his wife, Jean, and their rescued racing Greyhound, Jamie.

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Retired Greyhounds for Dummies

Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies
"The next best thing to having an experienced Greyhound owner living with you."
Joan Belle Isle, President, Greyhound Project

"Anyone who reads this book and follows its guidance will have a happier, healthier dog and be a happier, more relaxed dog owner." Hal and Karen Hawley, Greyhound Friends Northwest

The Greyhound has been celebrated in song and legend for thousands of years. Nowadays, Greyhounds are bred almost exclusively for racing. In the bad old days, prior to the 1980s, dogs that didn't make the grade at the track, and those past their primes, were destroyed. According to official estimates, 60,000 of these noble, mild-mannered dogs were destroyed each year! Fortunately, a number of organizations now exist devoted to rescuing these unwanted dogs and placing them in good homes.

Thinking about adopting a retired racing Greyhound? Or maybe you're already sharing your life with one of these charming animals. Either way, this friendly guide tells you everything you need to know to:

  • Understand the Greyhound personality

  • Find a retired racing Greyhound to adopt

  • Choose the right ex-racer for you and your family

  • Educate yourself and your retired racer

  • Give your new pal the diet and exercise it needs

  • Keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come

With plenty of good humor and straight-talk, Lee Livingood drawing on her forty-years of experience training adult rescue dogs to cover all the pros and cons of being a retired racing Greyhound owner, and she fills you in on:

  • The amazing 8000-year history of the Greyhound

  • Deciding whether an ex-racer is the right do for you and your family

  • Physical and behavioral characteristics

  • How to get a retired racer used to living in a home and be a companion

  • Dealing with common behavioral and health problems

  • Feeding, grooming, and exercising a Greyhound

  • Fun things to do with your hound

Bursting with expert advice on all aspects of living with an ex-racer, Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies is must reading for anyone considering adoption or who's already taken the leap.

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Leader of the pack

Leader of the Pack
by Nancy Baer and Steve Duno
Publisher: Harpercollins Trade Sales Dept; 1 edition (Aug 22 1996)
ISBN-10: 0061010197
ISBN-13: 978-0061010194

Also very helpful is another book called Leader of the Pack by Nancy Baer and Steve Duno.  Again, the emphasis is on understanding why dogs behave the way they do and what behaviors WE do that send the wrong signals to our pets resulting in dominance issues, SA, barking, etc.

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Complete Book Of Greyhounds

The Complete Book of Greyhounds
Edited by Julia Barnes, published by Howell Book House, Macmillan Publishing Company, 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022; [ISBN: 0876051891], 1994

Specialist veterinarians, breeders and trainers have contributed to the first single-volume reference to cover all aspects of this ancient, remarkable and versatile breed. Chapters focus on breed origins, physiology, coursing, track racing, training, diseases and common problems, breeding and rearing, the show ring and much, much more.

booklet greyhound guide

Booklet - Greyhound Guide
The definitive, succinct, resource for new and prospective greyhound adopters - this 40-page Greyhound Guide has it all.
Used by adoption groups throughout the world (it has even been translated!), it helps prospective and new adopters quickly understand how a hound's mind works.

Adjustment Angst, Household Horrors, Yard, Children, Lions and Tigers and Bears -Oh My! and more.
Written with humor and 25 years of knowledge, this little booklet will help you understand how loving greyhounds can change your life - and theirs.

Greyhound Tales

Greyhound Tales: True Stories of Rescue, Compassion and Love
True stories of Rescue, Compassion & Love, originally edited in 1997 by Nora Star, reedited here by Claudia Presto. Written by the people on the front lines of greyhound rescue and adoption, these stories will warm your heart, and give you an appreciation for how far we've come in helping greyhounds find forever homes. Beauty's story is in these pages, and when she was alive she would write on her page - "May your life be filled with Beauty..."

This is a second edition, with all the first edition stories, plus the addition of new stories. The new cover is courtesy of Sarah Snavely, artist extraordinaire.

Trade Paperback, About 125 pages.

The Reign of the Greyhound

The Reign of the Greyhound
A Popular History of the First Family of Dogs
Written by Cynthia Branigan, published by MacMillan General Reference, 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022; [ISBN 0876056966], July 1, 1997

Cynthia Branigan, author of the bestselling Adopting the Racing Greyhound, traces the role of the greyhound from its earliest appearances in classical culture through medieval Europe, the American West, and into the present. Dog lovers will be impressed by this beautiful book, illustrated with historical depictions of greyhounds from every culture. 100 photos. color insert.

*Adoption Groups: This book is available for bulk purchases directly from the publisher

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